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FireStick is one of the best and most affordable streaming devices but without channels, it’s totally useless. That’s why in today’s guide I am going to share with you some best channels that you can get to watch more new content.

Some people who still haven’t purchased it yet may be worrying about what channels they get with Firestick. After reading this guide you will surely gonna know what you get and even though I will share a tip on how to get free TV Channels.

What Channels are Free with the Firestick

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What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (1)

While purchasing a new firestick we get only a few numbers of channels that are not enough by the way. So, the list that I am providing below is what we get directly with it. If you already know about it and want to get some local channels then scroll to the next guide.

Ok so let’s check out this list:


What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (2)

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform that contains all types of videos including music, movies, gameplay, tutorials, how-to, and so on. This platform doesn’t cost a penny but in return, you have to pay money for this however it also has premium members who don’t want to see ads on it.

This app was blocked from Amazon in back 2018 because of some issues with Google but after some time they finally add it again. So, for this, we are getting this channel directly when purchasing it but those who don’t have it yet can easily download it from App Store.

Pluto TV

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (3)

This is another best application that is not included in the device but it can be downloaded directly from Amazon Store. On Pluto TV you will get 200+ free live TV channels but the problem is they also provide ads and we have to watch them because there is no membership or subscription offer here.

In this app, you will get some famous TV channels like NBC, NBA, CNN, and MTV and you will discover them by yourself. Instead of this they also offer video-on-demand features and it has around thousands of movies and TV shows. You can also request them to add your favourite movie or TV show and they will do it within a month or later.


What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (4)

Hulu is an application that provides TV Shows, & web series, however, it also has Live TV support. It is a premium application that costs money to watch its content and the pricing packages are also different. If you purchase Hulu only to watch movies or Web-series it will cost around $5.99/m ad-supported and $11.99/m without ads.

It also has pricing plans for those who want to subscribe to Live TV channels then you can purchase its separate membership which costs $54.99/m. In this plan, you will get some DVR options, Watch on Unlimited Screens, HBO Max, Starz, & Showtime as well.

(Video) Top 10 Free Channels on Fire Stick in 2020 | You Should Have These Apps


What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (5)

No need to intro about this app as Netflix is the world’s leading TV channel company. This awesome application provides users with around 13000+ movies they are updating it daily. Instead of this they also offer 200+ web series like Money Heist, Dark, Stranger Things, You, and so on.

It is a paid application that has three different pricing plans that include basic, Standard & premium. In premium membership, we get everything like 4-screen access, unlimited movies & TV shows, download for offline, and stream HD/UHD as well.


What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (6)

Another paid TV channel that helps a user to watch movies, TV shows, Web-Series, Documentaries, Sports, Comedy, and all sorts of entertainment. It doesn’t have a Live TV feature however with the unlimited database of movies and TV shows you don’t feel to have Live Tv.

Showtime offers its users to start a free trial so after you love this service then you can go with their subscription. However, after the trial, it will cost you $11/month and one single account can be used to stream on two devices simultaneously.

How to get local channels On Firestick

The term local channels means those channels that are on the Air or provided through the antenna by TV providers. There are many apps that provide users with free live channels so in this guide I will show you how you can easily get local channels on Firestick.

The list of these channels is very huge which contains ABC, NBA, FOX, HBO, PBS & so on, but instead of this, there could be other local stations that provide live TV. However, the method you will see here will help to download these apps according to their popularity.


Please keep in mind that downloading apps doesn’t mean you can access their content as well but for this, you have to purchase their membership. Other than this some providers also offer free IPTV service but some may require sign-up.

Ok, so here are the steps given below to get easily famous local channels on firestick:

Close everything and open Home Screen, from here navigate to the above menu and then click on Apps.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (7)

It will then open another menu so using the above navigation just select Category.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (8)

From the categories section just move down and highlight the Movies & TV section and then press the select button on Remote.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (9)

After this, you will see the list of all available local channels so highlight your desired or favourite channel and press the select button.

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What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (10)

When you select that app it will open another window so from here click on the Get button. It may ask for confirmation so just select Yes.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (11)

The application will start downloading and then within some time, it will be installed as well. When the app is installed successfully now click Open to launch it.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (12)

Here you have successfully downloaded a local channel on Firestick by following the same steps you can download any app you want. Perhaps, you may be wondering what are the best local channels so for this just check out the below list.

Sling TV One of the best TV applications that provide users with different channels according to the service like if we subscribe to Sling Orange you get AMC, CNN, ESPN, Food Network, and TBS. While in Sling Blue you get the USA, FX, El Rey, and Viceland but in the last Sling Blue + Orange, you will get all these channels and some others a swell.

Fox Now This is the official application of Fox networks which can be now used on Firestick and some other devices as well. They offer their customers Live Sports, Live News, Fox Shows, WWE, and also a video-on-demand option. Fox Now is free to download however it asks for a subscription when you start streaming one of their content.

Direct TV – It is provided by AT&T TV and it is most like Hulu Live TV (we mentioned it above). They have different price variants depending on how many channels you want to purchase. It works only in the USA in selected areas only so you have to check availability using a Zip code. The price of Direct TV starts from $55/m which contains 45+ channels while another is Max with 60+ live TV channels.

FuboTV – It is also a United States-based live TV application that provides channels depending on your location. The variety of channels is Sports and is the best option for those who love to watch sports the whole day. Even though they also offer other categories like Entertainment, News & comedy as well. It has three pricing plans which contain family, Ultra & Español.

The CW – This is totally free to use and it also works only in the US, the app provides hundreds of web series like Batwoman, Stargirl, The 100, Extant, and so on. It shows ads to the user who watches movies or TV shows as they do not ask for a subscription. However, it also offers live TV channels for this you need to input your area code to check channel availability.

This is the list of local channels that we can easily download and watch our live TV channels without having a Cable network. You can use free applications as well if the ads don’t bother you however these are necessary to keep their service alive.

Best AmazonFirestick Channels List

I have tried many channels but they are not worthy at all so I came up with my own favourite best Amazon Firestick channels list. This will help you to easily get the top-rated channels without trying each separately and it also consumes a lot of time.

In this list, you will get all sorts of channels including Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Comedy, Kids, and so on. I have already installed it and these are working fine so go and check out on your own.

Here is the best Amazon Firestick Channels list:

Sports Channels

  • NFL
  • HBO GO
  • ESPN
  • UFC
  • Tennis Channel
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • DAZN

Best Kids Channels

  • Nick Jr.
  • PBS Kids
  • GoNoodle
  • Pokémon TV
  • Popcornflix for Kids

Fast Movies Channels

  • Fawesome TV
  • Disney+
  • SnagFilms
  • YuppTV
  • IndieFlix
  • Hallmark Movies
  • Starz
  • Tubi TV
  • Netflix

Awesome Fitness Channels


  • Daily Burn
  • CorePower on Demand
  • Beachbody on Demand
  • Yoga TV
  • NEOU

Best TV Shows Channels

  • FOX Now
  • CBS
  • AMC
  • Freeform
  • Crunchyroll
  • Xumo TV
  • Sony Crackle
  • HBO Now
  • BBC iPlayer

How To Get All Channels On Firestick

As we already know about what channels you get with firestick and also learn about the best channels that you should have. After this, there are several channels that we cannot find on the Amazon App store so for this we jailbreak our device.

If you don’t know which app is available or not then just go about and check out my guide. However, if you can’t find the app that you are looking for then simply stick with this guide.

So, basically, jailbreak is a process of allowing the installation of a third-party application on our device this is totally safe, secure, and 100% legal. Don’t worry if Amazon block your device or it will be banned as you are not doing anything wrong.

If you don’t have already jailbreak Firestick then just follow this link: Jailbreak Firestick 100% Working Method

After you are done with jailbreaking now follow the below steps to get all channels on Firestick:

If you have anything opened in the background then close it and then Go to Home Screen. From here just move to the above menu and then select the Search button.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (13)

Now using the virtual keyboard type Downloader and then hit the search button.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (14)

Open the first result you see there and then click on the Download button to download it.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (15)

The download will start and it will be installed automatically so when the installation is done just click the Open button.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (16)

At this time Downloader will be launched on your device and for the first time, it will ask for confirmation to access Photos, Library, etc. Just allow this option as without this we cannot download anything.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (17)

Now you will see the notification there so ignore it and click Got it.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (18)

At this time you will see the Home Screen of this app with a simple box. In this box remove everything and type this address https://firesticklab.com/livenettv.apk and hit Go.

(Video) LIVE TV Section on Fire TV Stick - Full Detailed Guide - Free Channels? | New Update 2020

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (19)

It will then start connecting with the server and after this downloading will be started automatically. When downloading is complete you see the installation menu on the screen so just click on the Install button.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (20)

Now within a few seconds app will be installed on your device so open it.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick (Channels List) | (21)

That’s it now in this manner we can install as many apps as we want even if they are not available on the Amazon App Store. You can find the best Apps for Firestick and then get user applications easily without searching on the internet.

However, some applications may provide content that is not legal or is copyrighted, to avoid this issue make sure always use a VPN. If you don’t already have then check out this best VPN list that can help to keep your IP address secure so you can enjoy watching your favourite content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have just shared everything for those who want to learn about what channels they get with Firestick. And I sure 100% sure it works for you but if you still have some questions in your mind then don’t forget to read this faq list.

Here you will find all the common questions that people are asking on forums and Quora etc. But if this doesn’t solve the issue and the answer is not listed here feel free to ask in the comment section.

Can I Watch Normal TV Channels On Firestick?

Yes, we can watch normal TV channels on our Firestick device however we can also purchase a subscription from third-party sellers to expand the list. If not then you can simply watch directly from the channels that you get with this device.

Is Netflix free with Firestick?

If the question is about downloading then probably yes, but if it’s about streaming then it is no. Netflix is a free app to download on any platform however to stream content you need to purchase its membership.

Can I Stream Cable Channels On Firestick?

Yes, many Cable Provider companies have moved toward IPTV service so they can cut the cord and stream all channels directly on the internet. There are two different providers the first one doesn’t require an antenna while others require to have an antenna to play cable channels.

You can check the list of best IPTV providers for firestick both paid & free:

How Many Channels Does Firestick Have?

With Firestick you can stream about 250+ channels that include movies, Live TV, TV Shows, web series, sports, comedy, DIY, news, and so on. The list may vary when purchasing a plan from different live tv channel providers.

When you jailbreak a FireStick Is everything free?

No, we cannot get everything free after jailbreaking, so if anyone says you get free then this is totally false. Jailbreak is only meant to install third-party applications similar to Android mobile phones. However, there are many free applications that offer free movies, TV shows, sports, and other entertainment.


These are the channels you get with Firestick as all of these are totally legal and safe to use. Other than this if you don’t like built-in apps then simply check out the best apps for FireTV and download them for you. Every app has its own benefits and they provide their own content,

Some of them are free while others require membership in the case to stream movies or TV shows. After reading this guide you can easily choose which app you should go with or which subscription you should buy. Because I have explained everything about every application so if you don’t have money then you can go with free apps as well.

In the end, I would like to say don’t forget to share this article with others so they can also get benefit from it. However, if you have any suggestions or need any help feel free to ask in the comment section I would love to hear from you.

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Do we get all channels on FireStick? ›

Fire Stick offers free Live TV apps with a wide collection of live and local channels. For more Live TV options, you'll need a subscription to a network that offers what you need. Be sure to select a service that features all the channels you need.

Can you get normal TV channels on FireStick? ›

Your Fire TV device can also stream live TV channels from across the globe, including your local channels. That means even without cable or an antenna, you can still access local TV stations, like local news and sports, on your FireStick.

How much is FireStick per month? ›

There are no monthly fees associated with the Amazon Fire Stick. All you need to pay for is the device itself.

Can you get ABC NBC and CBS on FireStick? ›

Can you get ABC NBC and CBS on Firestick? A: You can obtain aps for CBS, ABC, & NBC with the firestick (and even your phone). The firestick uses Android aps. There is an Ap for PBS as well on the firestick.

When you buy a FireStick Is everything free? ›

Essentially, no. There is no monthly cost to use an Amazon Fire Stick. So once you've paid the initial purchase fee, there's no additional cost just to use your fancy new streaming stick. However, several of the apps and channels available on the Fire Stick will require subscriptions in order to access them.

Which is better FireStick or Roku? ›

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the best value for the price. It's Amazon's most powerful streaming device and has twice the memory of any Roku streaming stick. You get a cinematic picture with vibrant 4K Ultra HD and immersive sound that supports Dolby Atmos audio.

Can you watch everything free on FireStick? ›

FireStick lets you stream content from various online media and entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and several TV Networks. That's all wonderful. But, there is a significant drawback. You must pay a subscription fee to watch content through these entertainment services.

Is Fire Stick worth it? ›

While we generally think it's worth it to upgrade to the Max, the original Fire TV Stick 4K is still a good choice for those who want 4K streaming without paying for the latest bells and whistles, namely Wi-Fi 6 and blazing-fast speed. The voice features are impressive and Echo and Dot owners can control it with Alexa.

How much does it cost to watch TV with a Fire Stick? ›

There are no monthly fees associated with the Amazon Fire Stick. All you need to pay for is the device itself. However, if you have apps that have their own subscription costs, you will have to pay monthly fees for those.

Can a Fire Stick replace a cable box? ›

You do not need cable to use the fire tv stick (or any streaming device). The Amazon Fire TV is not a cable box. It uses apps for internet content. I use a digital antenna for my free … see more.

What does a Fire Stick give you? ›

*Amazon fire Tv stick is a media streaming device which lets you stream video, install apps, play music etc on your tv. *It's built on the Android platform and it converts your normal tv to a smart tv. *You can install android apps on the device and play games and enjoy music too.

Can I watch antenna TV on my Firestick? ›

Use an HDHomeRun Device and an Antenna to Get Local Channels on a Fire TV Stick. An antenna hooked up to an HDHomeRun plug-and-play device lets you stream local channels to your Firestick via Wi-Fi. The device is pricey, but it is a great, reliable option. Connect an antenna to your HDHomeRun device.

What streaming channels have ABC NBC and CBS? ›

Beginner's guide
  • Hulu Live TV. Hulu's Live service currently streams live ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and The CW in several markets. ...
  • FuboTV. FuboTV offers live local Fox, NBC, and CBS is select markets. ...
  • Sling TV. Sling TV offers a Broadcast Extra package that delivers ABC in select markets.

What's the best free live TV app for Firestick? ›

Let us begin!
  • Best Firestick Apps.
  • List of Top Firestick Apps. Comparing the Best Live TV Apps for Firestick. #1) Kodi. #2) CatMouse APK. #3) Typhoon TV. #4) CyberFlix TV. #5) Pluto TV. #6) UnlockMyTV. #7) TeaTV. #8) Nova TV. #9) BeeTV. #10) Peacock TV. #11) Shudder TV. #12) Tubi TV. #13) FOX Now. #14) A&E. #15) Cinema HD. #16) Netflix.
Feb 15, 2023

Do you need a smart TV to use a Fire Stick? ›

The good news is that users don't need a smart TV to use their Fire TV stick. Instead, it can be used with any old TV that has an Hdmi port, as the Fire TV stick comes with an Hdmi connector to connect to any LCD or Oled television.

What is the easiest streaming device for seniors? ›

Roku devices are cheap and easy to use. You can get a Roku Streaming Stick that connects to any TV via HDMI for not a lot of money. With a simple interface, plenty of movies and TV shows to stream, and a straightforward remote, Roku is hands down the best streamer for seniors.

How long does a Firestick last? ›

Most reviews i read said it would last 3-5 years.

What channels do you get with Roku? ›

Movies & TV
  • Netflix. Watch TV shows and movies recommended just for you, including award-winning Netflix original…
  • Hulu. Stream all your TV in one place with Hulu. ...
  • Disney Plus. ...
  • Prime Video. ...
  • HBO Max. ...
  • Peacock TV. ...
  • The Roku Channel. ...
  • Tubi - Free Movies & TV.

Is Roku channel free on Firestick? ›

The Roku Channel, Roku's free streaming service that offers thousands of ad-supported titles and 115 live TV channels, is now available to Amazon Fire TV users, the company announced today.

Is ESPN free on Firestick? ›

Step 1: Visit the official ESPN Plus website using your web browser. Step 2: Click on the “Subscribe to ESPN+ only” link to get a standalone ESPN Plus subscription for $5.99/mo. or $49.99/yr. You can also get the Disney Plus + ESPN Plus + Hulu bundle offer for $12.99/mo.

What are the disadvantages of a fire stick? ›

The Firestick does make it a bit more complicated to search and find the content you're looking for. The UI (user interface) is sort of clunky and doesn't make for easy searching and streaming. You might have to resort to using the voice recognition and we all know that's not always reliable.

Which TV stick is best? ›

The best streaming devices of 2023Return to table of contents↴
  • Apple TV 4K (third-generation)
  • Chromecast with Google TV (4K)
  • Roku Streaming Stick 4K.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.
  • Nvidia Shield TV.
Feb 15, 2023

Which Amazon Firestick is best? ›

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is Amazon's latest and greatest streaming stick. It has everything you get on the Fire TV Stick 4K, such as 4K streaming, Dolby Vision support, and the Alexa Voice Remote with TV controls. Plus, the device packs a faster processor, more RAM, and Wi-Fi 6 support.

Are there any free TV channels? ›

Best Free TV Streaming Services: Tubi, Sling Freestream, Pluto TV and More. Tubi and Pluto are among the top choices if you need a break from Netflix, HBO Max and others. Kourtnee covers TV streaming services and home entertainment news and reviews at CNET.

How can I watch TV without internet or cable? ›

Over-the-Air TV. Over-the-air (OTA) TV is a great way to catch your local channels without spending the big bucks for cable. OTA TV offers high-definition television broadcasts from your local television stations. All you need to start is a TV and a digital antenna.

Which is better Roku or FireStick? ›

But Roku streaming devices have a wider selection of channels. Both devices give you access to the most popular channels like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, etc. But Roku offers over 3,000 free channels. The Fire Stick offers closer to 200 free channels.

Is Amazon Prime free with FireStick? ›

A: There is no fee to use the FireTV Stick. The stick comes with a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, which has a current annual fee of $99. If you want to continue using Amazon Prime after the 30-day trial, you'd pay for it. Helpful?

How long does a fire stick last? ›

Most reviews i read said it would last 3-5 years.

Can you get ABC NBC and CBS on Roku? ›

Major network apps on Roku include ABC, NBC and CBS.

These let you watch some content for free, but for the latest episodes of your favorite shows, you'll need to sign in with a valid paid TV subscription like a cable TV login. If you have a Roku TV, you can connect an HDTV antenna and access the channels from there.

What does a fire stick actually do? ›

*Amazon fire Tv stick is a media streaming device which lets you stream video, install apps, play music etc on your tv. *It's built on the Android platform and it converts your normal tv to a smart tv. *You can install android apps on the device and play games and enjoy music too.

What's the point of a fire stick? ›

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device that transforms your TV into a smart one. It lets you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from top services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime in one place on a popular, easy-to-navigate platform.

How can I watch everything on my Fire Stick for free? ›

Best FireStick Apps for Movies and TV Shows
  1. Cinema APK (Free) Cinema APK is a top-rated Android app for movies and TV shows. ...
  2. BeeTV (Free) ...
  3. CyberFlix TV (Free) ...
  4. Kodi (Free) ...
  5. Popcornflix (Free) ...
  6. Nova TV (Free) ...
  7. FilmPlus (Free) ...
  8. Mediabox HD (Free)
Mar 1, 2023

Is Hulu free with Amazon Fire Stick? ›

Even though the Hulu FireStick app is free to download, to watch your favorite content, you need to sign up for a paid subscription. Hulu currently offers the following 3 plans and a bundle: Hulu for $5.99 per month with ads (1st month free) Hulu (No Ads) for $11.99 per month with (1st month free)


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